Top Rated Pool Cleaners (April 2020): 10 Best Pick

It’s a bright sunny day outside and all you want to do is to sip on a Mojito and jump in the pool. The only thing that hinders the fun day is a dirty pool. We know how frustrating it can be to manually brush and clean the pool. To save you from the hassle, we have come up with the top rated pool cleaners in the market that will make the pool cleaning process easy as a breeze.

In this article, we will provide you a complete guideline of what types of pool cleaner are available in the market, what features you would like to look for, the top rated pool cleaners available in the market based on more 120 customers review and how to pick your one among them.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best 10 pool cleaners picked by us.

10 Best Pool Cleaners: Our Top Rated Pool Cleaners

Model Rating
1. Polaris F9550 Sport (Robotic)- The Ultimate Pool Cleaner4.90/5
2. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus (robotic)- Affordable and Smart 4.85/5
3. Dolphin Premier (Robotic) – Best In-Ground Pool Cleaner4.80/5
4. Dolphin Escape- (Robotic) – Best Above-Ground Pool Cleaner4.70/5
5. Hayward Navigator Pro- Best Suction Side Pool Cleaner4.65/5
6. Dolphin Nautilus (Robotic)- Fast and Efficient4.55/5
7. Hayward Poolvergnuegen Automatic Suction Pool Vacuum- Simple and Well Designed 4.20/5
8. Polaris Vac-Sweep 280- Debris Clean Expert4.10/5
9. Zodiac Baracuda G3 Kit- The Durable One4.10/5
10. Zodiac MX6 suction side cleaner- Compact and Powerful3.80/5
Top Rated Pool Cleaners (April 2020)

Why Should I buy a Pool Cleaner?: Benefits of having Best Pool Cleaners

Looking at a sparkly clean pool immediately refreshes your mind. It will take a long time to manually clean the pool and considering the hard labor you need to do in order to keep the pool clean, is not efficient at all. An automatic pool vacuum will keep the pool squeaky clean and help you enjoy your summer to the fullest.

To be in our ‘Top Rated Pool Cleaners (April 2020)’ we have considered and checked the following features of the available product of the market.

Thorough Cleaning Process

The best pool cleaner will go into the deepest corner of the pool and clean every inch of it. On top of that, many pool cleaners help to keep the water sterile and hygienic. All you need to do is to install the cleaner and program it, it’ll take care of the rest.

Saves Energy

The best pool cleaners are designed to be ultra-efficient and energy saving. With these machines, you don’t need to manually drag it around to keep the pool clean. You can leave for work and come back home to enjoy the weekend in a clean pool.

Sterilizes the Pool

Pools are full of germs and you never know who did what in there. The pool mustn’t contain any harmful germs or bacteria that can cause skin problems. Along with the cleaning process, the pool cleaners with top ratings will also sterilize the pool.


Be it a twig, leaf or bacterial growth, a pool vacuum cleaner will clean it all. If you had trouble keeping the pool clean after working all week then do get your hands on one of these as it’ll make your life a lot easier and more convenient.

What are the Different Types of Pool Cleaners?

Robotic Pool Cleaners

If you’re looking for an effortless pool cleaning session then the robotic pool vacuums are the one for you. All you need to do is to program them and drop them in the pool and voila! You’re done, the vacuum will take care of the rest.

The robotic pool vacuums come with their own filter bag and capture system. Therefore, these cleaners don’t require to be attached to the pool’s pump or water circulation system and they’re the easiest to set up. The best part is, you don’t need to deal with any hoses, all you need is an electric outlet and you’re good to go.

The robotic pool cleaners have a more advanced navigation system compared to other types of cleaners. It comprises a sensor that can detect different types of dirt and debris which help to keep the pool squeaky clean.

Pressure Side Cleaners

Pressure side pool cleaners need to be directly connected to the pool’s pump system. This cleaner uses pressurized water to push the cleaner forward that turns the wheel. The motion of the wheel will eventually create a suction that will pick up the dirt and debris.

The installation process of these cleaners a bit complicated compared to robotic cleaners. Also, they have a high operating cost. The pressure side cleaners may also require an additional booster pump to raise the pressure.

Suction Side Cleaners

The suction side cleaners rely on the pool’s pump system in order to pick up the debris. These are basically the opposite of pressure-side cleaners. In these vacuums, a hose is attached to the hole in the skimmer beneath the basket. This creates a suction and picks up the debris from the pool.

In-Ground Pool Cleaners

If you’re looking for a cleaner that will thoroughly clean every inch of your pool then an in-ground pool cleaner is the one for you. They come loaded with features with outstanding convenience that will make your pool cleaning process hassle-free.

An in-ground pool cleaning system incorporates a separate pump and water circulation system which pumps water to several jets in the ground of the pool. The jets eventually rise from the ground during the cleaning cycle.

Once the cleaning is done, the jets will return to the pool ground. However, bear in mind that these cleaners have an extensive installation process and there’s a lot of plumbing required.

Top Rated Pool Cleaners to Buy

1. Polaris F9550 Sport: The Ultimate Pool Cleaner

Polaris F9550 Robotic Ground Cleaner

For our 1st pick, we have chosen Polaris F9550. It is a robotic pool cleaner that’s loaded with innovative features. It’s designed for in-ground pools and can clean up to 50 feet. With the help of its unique ActivMotion sensor technology, you can set it loose and the robot will do the rest of the job for you.

There’re plenty of things to love in this device. It’s easy to put in the pool and as easy to pull out of the pool. All you have to do is to drop it in the pool and when it’s done cleaning, just press the lift button; the device will climb up the wall.

It has excellent cleaning abilities and also energy efficient. It takes only 150 watts of electricity. Furthermore, its 7-days programmable timer feature will help you not to think about cleaning the pool till next week.

Pros Cons
Super cleaning capabilities
Easy to maintain
Remote control included
Easy lift system
It’s expensive

Considering all those features and values ‘Top Rated Pool Cleaners (April 2020)’ has rated it 4.9 out of 5.

2. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner: Affordable and Smart

Dolphin Nautilus Automatic Cartridges Tangle Free

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is a robotic pool cleaner for in-ground pools that come with top-notch features. The top-loading filters are easier to remove than the lower loading filters of this cleaner.

It uses the advanced CleverClean navigation system. This feature helps to cover every path of the in-ground pool surface and also try to avoid any kind of obstacles. 

One of the most amazing features of the device is the dual-filtration system. One layer grabs the large dirt like leaves and the other layer catches the light dirt particles.

Overall, the machine is easier to clean compared to the other devices and this is one of the best robotic pool cleaners out there.

Although the power cord of the power supply is short, the pool robot has a long cord.  One thing to remember is that the power supply is not waterproof. So, keeping that in mind you need to keep it in dry places and have to be careful when rains.

Smart cleaner
Dual-filtration system
Doesn’t clean waterline

Keeping the feature of easy maintenance and affordable price, this article has picked Dolphin Nautilus CC plus as the 2nd top rated pool cleaner.

3. Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner: Top Rated In-Ground Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Premiere Robotic Ground Cleaner

Dolphin premier robotic cleaner is one of the best and most efficient vacuum cleaners on the market. The reason for this device to considered one of the best because of its filtration. This is where it really shines and separates it from the not so good ones.

The device has smart tech features that help to clean an in-ground pool up to 50 feet within 3 hours. From leaves to dust and algae, it cleans up almost everything. Also, a SmartNav scanning system that determines all the surfaces it has to clean.

An anti-tangle swivel solves the problem of getting tangled in its cord. Unlike most AC motor pool cleaners, the dolphin vacuum cleaner uses dual DC motors which consume 90 percent less energy. 

Final thoughts regarding this device, you’ll definitely appreciate how easy this is to set up and operate. Overall, this is the best in-ground pool cleaner we’ve got on our list.

Pros Cons
Cleans almost everything
Smart Navigation scanning
Energy efficient
Anti-tangle swivel

‘Top Rated Pool Cleaners (April 2020)’ has given Dolphin Premier (Robotic) 4.80 out of 5 for its super energy-efficient service.

4. Dolphin Escape Robotic Above Ground Pool Cleaner: Top Rated Above-Ground Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Escape Robotic Ground Cleaner

This article’s 4th pick is Dolphin Escape Robotic Above Ground Pool Cleaner.

The new Dolphin Escape Robotic pool cleaner is one of the cheapest robotic pools cleaner out there. This Dolphin pool vacuum cleaner is made by Maytronics and they are the leader in robotic pool cleaning technology.

Note that, the Dolphin Escape robotic pool cleaner is designed for only above ground pools and it’s undoubtedly one of the best above-ground pool cleaners. You’ll get a 40-foot long cable comes along with the device which has no tangling issues.

There are tons of exceptional features like HyperBrush that rapidly spin to ensure no dirt remains. From there, the debris and dirt are passed through cleaner’s advanced filtration system and then contained in an oversized filter cartridge.  

One of the best features is its HyperGrip continuous rubber tracks, so when the machine moves, it sticks close enough to the surface of the pool to clean it completely. In short, Dolphin Escape does a tremendous job when it comes to clean your pool in a short time.

Pros Cons
Energy efficient
Smart Navigation scanning system
Oversized filter cartridge
Really fast
No remote controller

5. Hayward Navigator Pro: Top Rated Suction Side Pool Cleaner

Hayward 925ADC Navigator Suction Automatic

In our ‘Top Rated Pool Cleaners (April 2020)’ we were looking for an efficient and smooth suction side cleaner of the market. And we got one.

If you’re looking for a high-quality suction-side pool vacuum with whisper-quiet operation process then the Hayward Navigator Pro is the one for you.

No matter what size your pool is, it’ll clean it very efficiently. The best part is, it comes with a super easy installation process and it can go right from the box to the pool in just about 10 minutes.

It features the SmartDrive programmed steering that enables it to clean a medium-sized pool in just about three to four hours. The SmartDrive technology offers the best surface coverage and thoroughly cleans the pool.

The Hayward Navigator Pro comes in three different variants: Fiberglass, Gunite and Vinyl style. This gives you the flexibility to choose the one that you prefer the most. Overall, this is one of the best suction pool cleaners in the market.

Pros Cons
Whisper-quiet operation
Picks up all kinds of debris
Works efficiently
Doesn’t require a booster pump
Slightly expensive

6. Dolphin Nautilus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner: Fast and Efficient

Dolphin Automatic Cartridges Scrubbing Tangle Free

The 6th pick of ‘Top Rated Pool Cleaners (April 2020)’ is Dolphin Nautilus. It is a robotic in-ground pool cleaner designed for washing and vacuuming the floor, walls, and waterline of the pool. It’s made for in-ground pools that do not exceed 50 feet and comes with a power cable that’s 60-feet long.

This cleaner doesn’t have any filter bag rather it uses a cartridge filter which is easy to clean. It cleans most pool surfaces and cleans your pool in 2-3 runs. To clean an average-sized pool, it takes around 2 hours.

The Nautilus has its own patented swivel cable that helps the cable to prevent twisting and coiling. Furthermore, for low energy consumption, it has a 30-volt power supply with integrated circuitry. There are two types of screens in the device: one is for everyday use and the other one is for heavy use.

Pros Cons
Fast and efficient
Filters are easy to remove and clean
Internal pump system
A bit heavy

7. Hayward Poolvergnuegen Automatic Suction Pool Vacuum: Simple and Well Designed

Hayward Poolvergnuegen 896584000 013 Cleaner Automatic

The dual wheel side suction cleaner is well designed and suitable for any small to medium-sized pools. It’s highly known for its blending power and simplicity. They have patented features that are very hard to find on other models.

Firstly, the device comes with a customizable turbine vanes. This allows for increased power at a water flow rate and easy waste management. Then the patented tire treads, which is one of their most noticeable innovations. This helps to climb any kind of obstacle in their path.

It has three changeable throats. Each of them has a different sized opening. So, based on the amount of suction, you’ll be able to choose the right throat you need.

Apart from these features, the machine also comes with several pre-programmed steering sequences which help the cleaner to cover every corner of your pool surface.

Pros Cons
Self-adjusting turbine vanes
Programmed steering system
Easy to handle
Doesn’t crawl up the walls as expected

8. Polaris Vac-Sweep 280: Debris Clean Expert

Polaris Vac Sweep Pressure side Cleaner

Top Rated Pool Cleaners (April 2020) picks Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 as the debris clean expert of the market.

The Polaris Vac-Sweep is considered one of the most powerful and approachable pool cleaners out there. It has a three-wheel base and it’s super lightweight. Therefore, it can easily climb the walls as well as the stairs.

The dual jets of this machine can shoot dirt and debris into its filter bag that is very large. It’s well-suited with all in-ground pool surfaces. It can easily connect itself to a firm suction line.

You can clean your pool within 3-hours if you use this machine. Besides, if you want to clean extra debris and dirt, you can use the rear sweep tail accessory of this machine. The Polaris Vac pool cleaner works extremely well. Despite the affordable price tag, it has super-efficient performance.

Pros Cons
Easy to empty
Works fast
Removes a range of debris
Comes with a storage bag
High maintenance

9. Zodiac Baracuda G3 Kit: The Durable One

Zodiac Baracuda Advanced Automatic Additional

The Zodiac Baracuda G3 Kit is a super helpful pool cleaning kit. If you want to make your pool look squeaky clean, this is the perfect machine for you.

This kit has a very simple usage procedure. You don’t need any extra tools to use it. You just have to follow two steps. First, you need to attach the disk, the hose and the wheel deflector to the suction line. Then, just drop it into the pool. It’ll automatically move and float around.

The cleaning disk of this kit has 36 features. Since it’s flexible and sturdy to bend and scrub respectively, you won’t need to worry about it hanging up on lights and drain covers. The diaphragm works without making any sound. For easy access, you can use the quick release capsule of it.

The wheel deflector can easily work around the various parts of the pool. It can easily remove small and large debris. It has a 1-year warranty for manufacturer flaws and a 2-year warranty on the hoses.

Pros Cons
Great value
Low maintenance
Works quietly
Doesn’t work well with leaves
Can get stuck

10. Zodiac MX6 In-Ground Suction Side Pool Cleaner: Compact and Powerful

Zodiac Baracuda Automatic Inground MX6

Zodiac MX6 is a compact and powerful side suction pool cleaner. The low-flow design and cyclonic suction make it a powerful vacuuming solution. It has the ability to climb walls and clean small pools to perfection.

One of the reasons it’s highly popular among pool owners is due to its exceptional features. The pool cleaner comes along with programmed navigation which does the cleansing very well.  The most powerful feature is the cyclonic suction that lets it vacuum with immense power.

It also features an easy connecting hose that has a length of 30-feet. For a larger pool, you’ll have to buy extra hoses. The presence of the flow regulator helps the water flowing controlled and a handle that has been designed decently makes it easy to grip. Overall, the cleaner is quite an energy-efficient that saves a good amount of energy.

It also features an easy connecting hose that has a length of 30-feet. For a larger pool, you’ll have to buy extra hoses. The presence of the flow regulator helps the water flowing controlled and a handle that has been designed decently makes it easy to grip. Overall, the cleaner is quite an energy-efficient that saves a good amount of energy.

Pros Cons
Handle to pull out of the pool
Energy efficient
Cyclonic suction
Not suitable for larger pools

Which one is the Best Pool Cleaner for You?: Pool Cleaner Buying Guide

One product doesn’t meet everyone’s requirements. Therefore, you need to do extensive research and consider multiple factors that will help you find your perfect match. We have come up with several criteria that one should consider before making the ultimate purchase.

Pool Size

The size of your pool is one the most prime consideration before you make the purchase. It’ll be nothing but a waste of money if the cleaner is not compatible with the pool size. Make sure the swimming pool vacuum you opt for is sufficient enough to clean the pull thoroughly. If you buy a cleaner that’s not designed for your pool size then it’ll leave you with tons of debris and dirt.


Swimming pools contain many different kinds of dirt and debris. Many pool cleaners have more than one type of filtration system that can identify different kinds of objects. Also, many devices have indicators that show signs when you need to empty the canister.


Power is an important feature that you should consider when shopping for pool vacuums. It’s important the vacuum is strong enough to take out all the gunk and dirt from the pool efficiently. If the cleaner is not powerful enough then you’ll be left with leaves, insects, and all sorts of debris. Speed is also an important consideration as the cleaner should be able to properly clean the pool quickly and efficiently.

Installation Process

If you’re looking for a pool cleaner vacuum with the simplest installation procedure then the robotic cleaners are the one for you. The installation process is very simple, on top of that, you don’t need any hoses with them.

Suction-side cleaners and pressure-side cleaners come with a moderately simple installation process. However, with in-ground pool vacuum features a complicated installation method. So, before you purchase the cleaner, make sure the setup procedure is suitable for you.

Or you can get some idea from this video tutorial.


Q. What are the different kinds of pool vacuum cleaners available in the market?

Ans: Robotic pool cleaners, suction-side cleaners, pressure-side cleaners, and in-ground pool cleaners are the most common type of pool cleaners.

Q. Do I need to operate a robotic cleaner myself?

Ans: Robotic pool vacuums are programmable. Therefore, you don’t need to program them manually.

Q. How often should I clean the filter?

Ans: It depends on how much dirt or debris the vacuum sucks up. Most vacuums come with an indicator that will show you that you need to clean the filter.


All the pool cleaners that we reviewed in this article are absolutely top rated and make others a run for their money. They’ll effectively clean all the dirt and debris without any hassle. The best part is most of these devices don’t require any human assistance at all.

However, if you are wondering how to manually vacuum inground pool without automatic pool cleaners, you can read our “How to Manually Vacuum Inground Pool?: The Professional Way” blog. Trust us, you would love to come back here again!

The Polaris F9550 Sport (Robotic) is our top pick as it’ll give you a bang for your buck. However, before you make the purchase, make sure you’re well aware of your pull size and type of debris to ensure that you spend your money on the best model.

We have designed this article with the top rated pool cleaners of the market. We have gathered the important features of these pool vacuums along with their merits and demerits so that you can find your ultimate pick. So, get your hands on the best pool cleaner and enjoy your pool to the fullest this summer.

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